Small Pink Crochet Baby Blanket

The perfect cover up for your little girl.

I used about 150 grams of Bernat Baby Sport yarn in light pink. The reversible V stitch almost looks like thermal fabric – only prettier. Finished it up with a nice wide Queen’s Lace border. Final measurements, 22×26 inches.

This one is for sale… contact me if you are interested.

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Hand Embroidery – Gasden Flag is finished


Gasden Flag

It’s finished. After much fussing about how to embroider the script, I finally figured out what I wanted to do.


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Crochet Arm Warmers with a ruffle

This was for me (finally)…

I used Patons bamboo and silk blend yarn. Very soft and silky. And, of course, they keep my arms warm.

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Slippers for My Honey

Little late, but here was his Christmas present. I usually make him one every year.

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Bit late, but here they are…

I managed to sew those overalls in just a few hours (despite having to work around packing boxes). He loved being Mario and is excited that he’s finally got some real overalls.

For the girls I just grabbed some cheap costumes from the Good Will and altered them to fit. Much easier, but not as much fun.

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Homemade Crystallized Ginger Brownies

I finally did it. I got a pile of ginger and whipped up my own batch of crystallized ginger. It was easier than I thought. Of course I went through that panic moment. I had been sitting there stirring and stirring and it still wasn’t crystallizing. And I immediately think I messed up somewhere. And just when I was about to toss it all in the trash it happens. Beautiful crystallized ginger chunks. Oh so sweet and sharp and tangy all at the same time. Not sure how the sugar content negates the health benefits of ginger, but it sure does taste good.

Now, what to do with these yummy ginger pieces. I made some brownies last night and tossed them in. Delicious. My husband is in ecstasy. He loves those things. The pan usually only lasts 48 hours before it has been totally scraped clean. I used raw cacao powder, real organic butter, and the homemade crystallized ginger. It’s a chocolate dream.

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Someone is having a baby

A friend of mine is expecting a baby in the next couple days. It’s her first girl and she’s pretty giddy, like most expectant mommas. So I whipped this little snuggly together.

Small ruffled baby blanket

I used just under 300g of Bernat Baby Sport yarn (machine washable and dryable) in a beautiful light lilac color. Perfect for a baby girl or boy. I much prefer to stay away from the traditional boy-girl color distinctions.

Started with 27 rows of the shells and V stitch and finished with a gently ruffled border. Final measurements are 20 x 26 inches.

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The Game is Back On

Whew! My hand is much better – finally! There is still a little tenderness and a lot of new skin and what looks like dragon scales. But I can move my fingers again and it doesn’t hurt to touch the skin any more.

So, back to work! I’ve got a lot of projects on hold.

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Do crafters have an injured reserve list?

I’m totally bummed. I’ve developed an allergy to the gloves at work. I’m waiting for my hand to heal. I haven’t been able to work on any projects because I can’t move my fingers correctly. Shucks, I can barely type. Luckily the swelling is all gone and the blistering has stopped. Now I’m just waiting for the skin to heal. Don’t be fooled into thinking that latex free means no problems. GRRRR.

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Playing with pattern – The Fire Blanket

This blanket, my first large blanket, was started by accident. I was experimenting with the motifs and colors and wanted to see how many different patterns I could make using the same motif and three different colors. I chose yellow, orange, and red and ended up with more motifs than necessary to make a small baby blanket. So the full size blanket came into being.

Each square has a set of four motif blocks. Even though I used the same motif pattern, because the use of color is different, every block is different.

It’s a bright warm blanket. I just used cheap and readily available Red Heart Yarn in standard (no lot) colors because this initially started out as an experiment. It was supposed to be mine and the first of different elemental themes. But my daughter swiped it. Now I’ll have to make another one for myself.

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